What Does Seeing Vultures Mean?

Most people never happen to see a vulture in real life with very few exceptions. You either have recently been to the city zoo and saw a vulture in an artificial nature-like setting, or you happen to live in an area where vultures are native to a select or dry desert region. In most cases the response is usually the same and people often have a distaste for them for being a scavenger that is fighting over some rotten dead animal.

Well- what a lot of people don’t know is that the vulture is seen as many other things according to mythology, the bible, your own subconscious and an animal totem. Each meaning varies as much as you might imagine but the meaning is deeper in terms of interpretation. Let’s take a trip into the hidden world of what seeing a vulture in these cultures is really trying to tell you.

In the bible

One of the greatest collection of inspirational stories ever told, and to some; these stories actually happened! And according to the old scripture- the vulture is described as a disagreeable bird having a keen eye much like an eagle. Seemingly the bird would fly from the heavens (out of nowhere) to tear apart anything that had recently died.

The Israelites were all forbidden from eating this bird for the distasteful diet the vulture was known to consume. In other areas of the bible, the vulture is described as having plenty of partners in crime. In other words, where you saw one vulture there were going to be whole flock of them that would follow.

A symbol of God’s Judgment: We are further told that if we do not seek God’s faith, the wrath of sickness and ill health will follow the spiritually dying. Yet further along in Revelation- those against God in the end will be pursued by a great army of vultures that will circle down on them. Doom and gloom never fails to entertain and keep the masses in line -for sure…

In the spirit world

Now according to new age religion and crystal worship the vulture is seen as path to purification and harmony in your life. An animal icon that symbolizes the breaking free of the ego-based shackles that hold you back and make all of your wrongs become right. Also, it oddly helps you to seek the true meaning of death by coming to terms of understanding that death in only the beginning.

Despite the far-fetched symbolism, not all new age symbolism has fallen on deaf ears. There is some sense as to why they see the vulture in this way and everybody needs to overcome personal weaknesses and faults. The vulture itself embodies a person to master their energies and adapt to what you experience the most of what you have at your disposal.

In your dreams

When you close you eyes and slip into that soft and cozy dreamland, you might not expect that seeing a vulture is going to have symbolism behind it. In fact it does have a deep meaning to start cleaning up your act. Much like the scavenger that it is seen in real life, all your inner garbage is screaming at you to clear it all out and start a new path.

You might be going down a path to destruction and your conscience is trying to tell you to get rid of those bad habits before they consume you. This is one of those interpretations that makes the most rational sense since the vulture is essentially natures clean-up crew. Clearing the wasted garbage of life- swiftly and without ever having to be called in to duty.

In Greek mythology

Those ancient Greeks had a lot of good stories to tell and they also talk of seeing the vulture as a sacred bird to Hades and Herakles. However the Greeks thought that seeing vultures flying above armies of men and following them into battle would signal the eventual loss of life. As if the vultures instinctively knew they would find fresh corpses in the wake of war.

In Homers “Odyssey”, the vulture is envisioned as the punishment for the acts of war as this bird is as savage as the intentional killing of men. Even after death, the ravage torture continues through the violent battle for flesh as the vultures quickly drop down and begin to consume. If you want weird, the concept of Harpies came from the vile qualities of vultures that combines the head and breasts of Women!

In American Indian mythology

An age-old culture that was horribly put out of their misery in a Holocaust that lasted hundreds of years since the landing of colonists in early America. The Indians saw the vulture as The Golden Purifier and promised those that hardship was only temporary and was essential for those to reach higher goals in life. Once a vulture totem first enters your life, it remains by your side for a lifetime.

Shaman elders believe that vultures worked together to feed their flock. Even managing to let other roosts know that there was a meal close by, the vulture is a thoughtful bird that values their family members and looks after friends and neighboring vultures alike. It’s no wonder that a vulture totem has very Zen or Buddhist-like qualities as it does not kill in order to eat but feeds from things that have been killed by others or have died recently.

In closing

Whatever you might think of the vulture it often viewed as terrible but in all honesty, the vulture can best seen as an understood animal that is given a bad rap. Never is it credited for the thoughtfulness it has for cleaning up after something has died, or the ability that it helps notify other vulture roosts of waiting food. What we are left with is food for thought that ponders the hidden meanings of what the vulture represents rather than its’ amazing skills at survival.

If a picture can tell a thousand words, then the vulture would easily tell ten thousand more.

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